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Your business needs access to expert knowledge when everything’s running smoothly, as well as when it isn’t. So we offer a complete IT support service, from ongoing maintenance and networking solutions to security and hardware advice.

Wireless networks are now an expected offering of most businesses running more devices and solutions than ever, from Guest Internet Access to connectivity for laptops, tablets and smartphones. A secure wireless network, with complete coverage can boost productivity via increased mobility and collaboration, give better access to information and improve responsiveness. They can often be simpler to set up than wired networks and offer an easy way to incorporate additional users via segmented wireless networks for guests and staff alike.

Through industry leading wireless technologies, along with our vast experience in planning and deploying wireless solutions, Fundy Tech can not only assist with initial set up, design and installation of your wireless deployment - ensuring you have the wireless coverage you need – but also the essential security elements such as data encryption, user authentication and secure access for your corporate and guest wireless users alike.


Easy. Fast. Secure.


At Fundy Wireless, our comprehensive technological Internet connectivity solutions help companies and individuals achieve greater success. Our services offer the best Broadband Internet speeds and features that are not constrained by traditional copper telephone lines. In order to ensure our customers are able to achieve better, Fundy Wireless is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes. For a free quotation, contact us today.


Custom long range private internet solution.

We specialize in getting high speed internet to places the big boys can't go or want to charge tens of thousands to connect.
Whether it's simply between two buildings or around an entire estate to multiple locations, we can help, so please get in contact with us.



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Fundy Tech's mission is to provide you with the hardware, software, and most importantly the technical expertise you need to run your business and maximize your potential.

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